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A leadership development series designed to enhance skills in communication, relationship building, diversity and inclusion awareness, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and much more.


Learn essential skills to connect with employees and managers and drive results for the company.


The training is packed with information, discussions, self-assessments, guided role plays, and goal setting, so you can apply what you learned immediately.


This program is excellent for both new managers and seasoned professionals who want to update their skills.

Five-Day Yakima In-Person Seminar Sessions - $999/session

 Yakima session is coming in the Fall of 2024


This training can be customized and brought to your company either

in-person or virtual

Management Academy 2024 registration not open
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Confident Businessman

Leadership Academy Days 1 - 2 - 3


  1. Develop leadership and communication skills that inspire and retain employees

  2. Delve into the challenges you are having with employees and discover solutions

  3. Find out how to engage in tough talks

  4. Practice successfully coaching employees for continuous performance improvement

  5. Complete the DiSC Management Assessment, learn about yourself and focus on improving how you direct, motivate, and develop others

  6. Earn, discuss, and set goals to support a diverse and inclusive workplace

Leadership Academy Days 4 and 5 


  1. Complete the Cohesive Team Assessment from Patrick Lencioni and help your team to TRUST one another, engage in CONFLICT around ideas, COMMIT to decisions, hold one another ACCOUNTABLE and focus on achieving collective RESULTS

  2. Discover essential change management principles

  3. Learn and practice applying critical thinking, negotiation and problem solving

  4. Understand and lead in a multigenerational workplace

  5. Learn to resolve staff conflicts effectively, help employees to self-reflect and set goals to improve working relationships

Working Together
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