Upcoming Trainings

Supervisor Two-Day Online Seminar  

December 9th & 16th

Wednesdays from 8-3PM (PST)


 for 2 day sessions

Learn essential skills to connect with employees and managers and drive results for the company.


The training is packed with information, discussions, self-assessments, guided role plays, and goal setting, so you can apply what you learned immediately.


This program is excellent for both first-time supervisors and seasoned professionals who want to polish their skills.


Supervisor Training Day 1:



  • Discuss the challenges you are having with employees, why they happen and then discover solutions

  • Identify and learn about the best supervisor qualities and abilities

  • Become the boss everyone wants to work for

  • Uncover how to put the focus on employees

  • Learn and practice how to communicate effectively

  • Find out how to motivate employees, fix disengaged employees, build trust, and build your team

  • Effectively meet with and manage employees on a regular basis

  • Discover ways to train and develop employees

  • Understand and practice successfully coaching employees for continuous performance management

Supervisor Training Day 2:



  • Be successful when going from peer to supervisor

  • Discover how to engage in tough talks

  • Understand and practice dealing with difficult employees and problem behavior

  • Identify your time management issues, improve how you delegate and manage your time

  • Appreciate how to work with all the generations and a diverse workforce

  • Learn when and how to resolve employee conflicts

  • Yes, you need to be in charge of your own attitude and be ethical

  • Find out how to successfully balance your responsibilities and ensure priority projects are on schedule

  • Uncover a variety of ways to problem solve, make decisions, and set SMART Goals

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